Michael Kors women's bags: when a single product launches a brand

Born more than twenty years ago, the Michael Kors brand has recently established itself in the world of fashion, rising to the forefront of the news about a year ago for having purchased the Versace brand, a historic signature of Made in Italy, which, adding to the brand Jimmy Choo makes the Michael Kors Holdings Limited group a true luxury hub. In the last decade this reality has stood out in the creation of Michael Kors women's bags.

The turning point with the production of the Michael Kors women's bag article

The real success and consequent entry into the Olympus of high fashion came for the brand thanks to the creation, starting from 2003, of women's bag models that belong to what is today defined as "accessible luxury" or "aspirational" which takes the form of creating bags that are economically accessible to a vast audience of buyers.
The Michael Kors women's bag comes in many different models: shoulder, hand, crossbody but also minibags and fashion backpacks up to luggage.
Models who are often given names that are now very well known by women all over the world who wish to own those that are real must-haves: Ciara, Selma, Emmy, Peyton, Sady, Jet Set Item, Cassie and Sofia, just to name a few .

michael kors women's bags

The Michael Kors women's bag is not only different from model to model, but it is different within the same model because the designer has understood that the needs of the women who choose his products are also those, for example, of the size of the item : here the Ciara bag, but also many others such as the Selma bag, is produced in models that differ exclusively in size.

The photos visible below explain very well what we are describing:

michael kors women's bags michael kors women's bags

The first photo represents the Michael Kors ciara bag model 35s8gc6m2l color dk sangria , the second photo the Michael Kors ciara bag model 35h5sc6s3l color dk sangria .
The third photo represents the Michael Kors ciara bag model 35s8gc6m2l color dusty daisy , the fourth photo the Michael Kors ciara bag model 35h5gc6s3l color dusty daisy .

Details that are not left to chance

"Accessible luxury" or "aspirational" has rules that must be respected for an item to belong to it and no one knows this better than Michael Kors.

So Michael Kors women's bags not only offer differences and possibilities of choice in terms of internal space and size, but pay obsessive attention to detail:

  • interior in logoed lining
  • internal and external pockets with magnetic button zip closure or open
  • Pockets for i-phone and pen holder
  • inserts in golden or silver metal with the writing "Michael Kors"
  • fashion details such as round or square studs
  • brand writing in metal letters applied to the leather and the iconic metal pendant with the initials of the MK brand.

But not only that, because the attention in the search for colors is also evident (see in the following photos a white Michael Kors bag and a fuchsia Michael Kors bag), in the attention to structural aspects such as stitching and the choice of materials: whether it is leather of elegant and resistant saffiano or very soft calfskin, the Michael Kors brand does not want to leave anything to chance.

michael kors women's bags michael kors women's bags

The Michael Kors women's bag is comfortable to wear

But there is one simple and extremely appreciated thing by women for which the Michael Kors women's bag is considered truly unsurpassed: it is comfortable to wear. And every woman who owns it will tell you so.
This is thanks to the element most present in the models: the shoulder strap, often removable because it is attached to the body of the bag via metal hooks and therefore oriented towards multiple functions.
The shoulder strap makes each Michael Kors women's bag model "easy to wear" and functional in multiple situations because it allows immediate adaptation to the most diverse style needs.
So a Michael Kors Selma bag worn with the shoulder strap can become a perfect clutch bag in an instant.
Just as a Michael Kors Ciara shoulder bag can be immediately transformed into a spacious handbag.
michael kors women's bags

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